B Candid

Proud in tradition, over half a million gathered from all corners of the Lone Star State and past our borders to celebrate the 113th commemoration of our first president. Noted as one of the most elegant ceremonies of the season, the Martha Washington Ball invites their guests to peruse Laredo’s thirteen dazzling debutantes in their custom-made colonial couture. Each one-of-a-kind dress represents one of the original colonies and can weigh up to an astounding 80 pounds. The Improved Order of the Red Men founded the extravagant soiree in 1898, and since then, it has exploded into an esteemed month-long festival packed with parades, traditional colonial pageants, concerts, and carnivals with plenty of good eats. This year’s ball did not disappoint as the close-knit social and philanthropic community set the bar even higher for next year’s gathering.