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Get your first look at fame and the latest fashion phenomenon in the new books: famous and Fashion Scandinavia, extraordinary volumes documenting the cult of fame and the rising trend of fashion innovation developed in Scandinavian countries.

In famous, with images spanning a period of 40 years, this book takes us to London, Paris, and around the world on the heels of such figures as Kate Moss, Woody Allen, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor. The pictures capture the tension between performance and vulnerability, distance and tangibility, fiction and reality, and transform each frame into an inquiry into the function celebrity serves in our culture. famous interrogates not only our culture’s fascination with celebrity, but the purpose and potential of the photographic medium itself. We love it.

In Fashion Scandanavia, the tome features more than 50 notable designers who celebrate the high quality and simplicity of Scandinavian design. Each page captures the increasing status of Scandinavian fashion, which is further emphasized by new up-and-comers such as Ann-Sofie Back and Soulland as well as more notable brand names like Acne and Marimekko.

Expand your style repertoire and fall in love with the detailed but minimalistic trends that are taking the fashion world by storm.

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