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Photo: The 2013 Helping Hand Home Crystal Ball Debutantes

Our social arbiter Rose Betty Williams is always on the scene to capture the most special society moments. Recently in Austin at The Bauer House, the Helping Hand Home for Children announced their line up of girls who will be making their debut in the Spring at The Crystal Ball Gala on March 2, 2013 at the Palmer Events Center.

As we all know, for 120 years, the Helping Hand Home for Children has provided a place to heal for abused, neglected and abandoned children. It provides residential treatment services, therapeutic foster care, adoption services, and an on-site charter school for emotionally disturbed children. They are a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Austin, Texas licensed by the State of Texas, and governed by the membership of the Helping Hand Society.

We also love that the Home is the oldest continuously operating residential childcare agency in Travis County, and a priceless resource kept strong and viable through community support. With a mission is to maintain a therapeutic home for children and to restore each child to a healthy family setting. their goal is for the children to take responsibility for their own actions, leave with a sense of worth, improve their academic skills, and gain an increased sense of trust. Now that’s encouraging for what the next generation can do with a little help.

For more information about The Crystal Ball Gala, please contact Erin Whitehead at 459-7705 or visit