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Wait no longer – the Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour is back in full swing in the exciting fashion of a multi-city music tour, showcasing the unbreakable tie between music and cars. After the tour’s start in New York City this summer, it journeyed to Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and has finally arrived in Austin, where it will continue to give its audience an exhilarating exhibit of music, fashion, and art.

With the iconic musical performance of Passion Pit, a showcase of the esteemed GLA and CLA luxury Mercedes-Benz models – models that both current Mercedes-Benz aficionados and next generation Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts will swoon over – and not to mention art installations by the talented Gregory Siff and Zio Ziegler, the Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour is one you do not want to miss.

The Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour will take place Thursday, October 22nd as a part of ACL Live at the Moody Theater. Curtain call is at 8:00pm. Tickets are available to those who participate in the Mercedes-Benz social media campaign at (#MBEvolutionTour), so Tweeting away. RSVP is required.